Why is this topic important? Disability (coma, agitation, delirium etc) will be common in patients with COVID-19 and will require high quality management. The severely agitated or delirious patient in critical care requires particular knowledge about the effects of delirium and a compassionate, safe approach to care from the care team. 

For whom: This section will be relevant to all health care practitioners caring for patients with COVID-19 but may be of particular relevance to (in order):

  1. Non-critical care nurses covering intensive care during the pandemic;
  2. Acute care specialist (including anaesthesiologists) covering intensive care during the pandemic;
  3. Respiratory therapists and Physiotherapists (see additional resources) who may end up expanding roles during the pandemic;
  4. A refresher for critical care physicians.

Your potential role: Critical care nurses will be required to support these patients directly and supporting doctors will be required to prescribe medication to manage symptoms and assure safety. 


The following resources are meant to supplement your learning in practice- and/or simulation-based settings. NB: Some resources may be more/less pertinent based on your profession, scope of practice, and the model of care within your local context.